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Important Message


5636 Brownsville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Pricing Plans

At W.E. Griffith & Associates, we believe that transparency is crucial to establishing trust.  That’s why we clearly communicate the cost of our services up front on our website.  

If you request a free initial consultation, we will describe our fees and provide full disclosure in a meeting with you in compliance with CFP Practice Standard 100-1.  During our meeting, we will explain in detail the services and value provided and answer any questions that you may have to ensure that you understand what our fee is.

Social Security Advice

We offer a free consultation to develop a report illustrating how the timing of your Social Security claiming decision can make a substantial difference in the amount of your monthly Social Security retirement income.

Your report will include charts to help you see that, by choosing the right claiming strategy, you could receive thousands of dollars in additional income over the course of your lifetime.

Long-Term Healthcare

We offer a free consultation to help you understand the options that will help you protect your retirement from unanticipated long-term care health expenses.

Revocable Living Trust – (Includes ancillary documents – DPOAA, DPOAHC, Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Pour-Over Will)

As your advisor, we participate in the non-legal aspects of the process: a) developing client relationships, b) education of basic principles, c) collection of information and coordinating communication, d) assisting the attorney with the execution of the trust documents, e) funding of the trust.  We charge a one-time fee of $1,500.00.

Please note that the attorney’s fees are $1,500.00 and billed separately in Pennsylvania.

Final Expenses

We offer a free consultation to help you determine how much to set aside now to cover future funeral, cremation, burial or other costs later. You can also make choices in advance about the type of service that you prefer.

How Much to Set Aside?

How much you set aside to fund your plan depends on the type of service that you prefer.

We provide you with a detailed estimate listing the goods and services that you selected with or without an allowance for cash advance items, such as flowers, obituary notices, etc.

Once you know the amount, you can pre-fund your plan with one lump sum payment or by setting up a payment plan.

Where to Set Funds Aside?

We use a special type of life insurance designed for funding final expenses. You can use it whether you prefer a funeral and burial or cremation.

Once the policy is set up, it can be assigned to an Irrevocable Funeral Trust. The protected funds earn interest (tax-free) until the time of need. If you are applying for Medicaid, your policy amount may be exempted from your assets.

When the time comes, the funds are available to pay for your funeral.  You or your family can choose any funeral home nationwide.  Any excess funds are returned to your estate or to the named beneficiary.

Other Financial Planning Fees

For those desiring a continuing relationship where we can help implement your plan and monitor your progress over time, our ongoing financial planning fee is $ 150.00 per hour (this is optional).