We calculate your “retirement income gap” or the difference between your projected Social Security benefit and the income that you want to receive in retirement.

You’ll receive a report illustrating the difference in your income based on when you choose to receive your Social Security benefit.  The timing of your “claiming decision” can make a substantial difference in the amount of your monthly Social Security retirement income.

Your report will include charts to help you understand and choose the best strategy for claiming and receiving your Social Security benefit.

We take the information you give us and use technology to show you the different benefit amounts and how by choosing the right claiming strategy you could receive thousands of dollars in additional income over your lifetime.

Key aspects of our strategy

Determining when to start receiving your Social Security retirement benefits.

You could leave thousands of dollars on the table over the course of your lifetime by choosing the wrong claiming strategy.

Depending on your age, there is a penalty for collecting retirement benefits if you continue to work.

Surprising Facts at a Glance

Social Security Income

Percentage of an average wage earner’s income after retiring that is replaced by Social Security.

Will or Trust?

Percentage of survey respondents in the 53 to 71-year-old age group that have a will or living trust.

Long-Term Care

Percentage of people over 65 that can expect to use some form of long-term care.